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If you are planning your upcoming Smokies getaway, come Worship with us,  where You are 'family'...amongst a bunch of folk who just 'FLAT-OUT LOVE THE LORD!'


Too Far Away To Attend?

Do you live too far away to attend services at New Center?  Maybe you live in the next city, or the next state, or clear on the other side of God's Earth?

Maybe you live in an area where there is not a local church nearby?  Maybe transportation is an issue?  Maybe you are 'in-between' churches?

Or maybe you are unable to attend services due to age, afflictions, or other situations that we may not know of, but brothers and sisters, OUR FATHER KNOWS...and the Lord has put Pastor Tony and his loving family here in the Smokies for a reason, and maybe one of these reasons are for YOU and YOUR FAMILY to have a NEW CENTER place of worship, where, even if you are 10 thousand miles away, the same Spirit that resides in every service here at YOUR New Center, is that very same Spirit that resides within YOU, and THAT Spirit is the one and the same that raised our Lord and Savior from a borrowed tomb, whose 'change-of-address-form' now reads -> RESIDES ON THE RIGHT HAND OF THE POWER OF GOD ALMIGHTY <SMILE>

So take a look at the very top of this page, do you see a question that asks: Too Far Away To Attend?  Well that's a TRICK QUESTION, because YES is not an acceptable choice, YOU have a NEW CENTER right here in Sevierville TN, YOU have Pastor Tony and his family and a congregation that will LOVE YOU and WELCOME YOU WITH OPEN ARMS whether it be in PERSON, BY EMAIL, or our Worldwide Internet Radio Ministry (starting REAL SOON) and we are believing for a World Wide Live Video feed, so our brothers and sisters like yourselves can hear AND SEE YOUR brothers and sisters, YOUR Pastor Tony, and YOUR NEW CENTER of the only fuss we are going to make when you first 'attend' is maybe to ask you "what took you so long (brother or sister) we've BEEN WAITING FOR YOU ALL ALONG!!!

YOU ARE WELCOME HERE!  Any restrictions (you may ask) as per religion, denomination, race, etc?  We have one qualification that you need meet: Do you have a heart beat???... ->IF SO... YOU JUST MET THE ONLY QUALIFICATION <BIGsmile>.  We may be just laid-back country folks, but even WE know: that as long as that heart is beating, we know someone that can come into that heart, and you, my brother or sister, will NEVER be the same again!!!  One catch though, we know not when this Lord and Savior we are telling you about is coming back, so there is no time like the present to send ol' Pastor Tony an email, introduce yourself, tell him a bit about yourself and JUST BEFORE YOU HIT SEND on the email, look up towards heaven, and let our awesome, awesome Lord know how much you love him, NOW click SEND, and guess NOW have a NEW CENTER of worship, JUST ASK and consider it DONE if you'd like to be emailed Shirley's awesome Church Bulletins, Pastor Tony's Sermons, Tim's, Bobby's or others Sunday School Lessons, etc...You notice you just got FIRST names, that's because you are PART of New Center now!  

This is a new undertaking just started, so we may have a few 'kinks' to get out, but maybe you can help us accomplish this just as we may help you!  So just click HERE and send ol' Pastor Tony an email, and in closing welcome to YOUR New Center!  

HEBREWS 10:25 Not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, as the manner of some is; but exhorting one another: and so much the more, as ye see the day approaching.