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If you are planning your upcoming Smokies getaway, come Worship with us,  where You are 'family'...amongst a bunch of folk who just 'FLAT-OUT LOVE THE LORD!'


Church Bulletin 05/01/2005

2669 Old Newport Hwy * Sevierville, TN 37876 * Phone (865) 774-0210

Service Times

Sunday School 9:30 Sunday Morning 10:30
Sunday Evening 6:00 Wednesday Evening 7:00
Pastor: Tony Sutton

May 1st, 2005


  • Lillian Denton ~ April 25
  • Linda Parton ~ April 25
  • Carolyn Lewis ~ April 30
  • Tammy Sutton ~ April 30
  • Tim Parrott ~ April 30 (50 something?)

Remember now thy Creator in the days of thy youth...Ē (Ecclesiastes 12:1)

If you have a birthday or anniversary coming up, or if Iíve forgotten your birthday or anniversary (Iím sorry) please let me know.    - Lisa Simcox  


Free Spirits Gospel Singers
Spreading Godís word through song 

  • The group will be singing at 6:00 PM - Briceville First Baptist Church, Lake City, TN - Pastor Tim Russell
  • If you would like to go and support the group as they minister, please see Brother Tim for directions.
  • Please remember them in your prayers as they spread the word of God through their songs.
  • The Free Spirits second CD is NOW AVAILABLE! (praise God!)!!
  • Pastor Tony's Song 'Lord I Need Your Touch' Is ALSO On It!

ďMake a joyful noise unto God, all ye lands: sing forth the honor of His name: Make His praise glorious.Ē Psalm 66:1-2


  • Thursday , May 5 , 7 p.m. ~ Stokleys Chapel Baptist Church , in Newport , would like to invite everyone to come and join the Primitive Quartet in worshipping the Lord .

  • Thursday , May 5 , 6 : 15 p.m. CRIMSON CROSS BEARERS will be meeting for the monthly Fellowship dinner at Cowboys Seafood Restaurant . If you plan on attending , please let Lisa know by tonight because we will be making reservations Monday so we can be sure we have seating .

  • Saturday , May 7 , 6 p.m. ~ We will be having a Gospel singing , hot dog supper and cake auction to raise money for VBS . Brother Steve Williams and friends will be singing for us . We need everyone who can to bake pies and cakes for auction and also donations of hot dogs , chili , buns and chips .
    Prices for the hot dog supper are : 1 hot dog , chips and drink for $2 .

  • Everyone stay put after Sunday School for a Special Announcement .

  • If you would be interested in making bulletins , please see Tony .

If there is an upcoming event that needs to be in the bulletin, please let me know before Saturday.

Thoughts and Things

A man was traveling to a great city . He had a map in the seat beside him , but he was so sure of his navigational skills , that he never even gave the map a second look . The trip was so easy at first that the man was certain he could take a side road , do a little sight seeing , and then get back on the main highway and continue on . Once he got on the side road he saw many wonderful sights . Unfortunately , there were many more side roads branching off from that one . Curious to see what lay down each road , the man drove down each and every one . To the man's disappointment , all these roads were full of potholes and ruts that he had to keep swerving to avoid , there were no wonderful , fascinating things to see here . Eventually the man became disoriented and couldn't find which road he needed to take to reach the main highway . He occasionally glanced at the map beside him , but was sure he could find his own way , so he never picked it up . After a while the man was just driving aimlessly around and was beginning to panic . Time was running out and he was no closer to the great city than when he started . During all this time the man never opened the map beside him . Finally , the sun started to set and the man broke down crying , " Ok , I admit it , I'm confused and cant find my way . I need help ." Glancing down at the seat , the man saw the map and opened it up .Inside , the man found the way to the great city . The map showed the way clearly for him to see . It also warned of the dangerous conditions of the side roads he had traveled and how it was easy to become confused on their winding ways . Travelers were encouraged to avoid these roads at all costs . Looking at the map , the man realized how foolish he had been to think he could take such a great journey without relying on the map's clear directions . Had he bothered to read it during his travels , he would have known how to avoid the misleading side roads and his journey would have been easier and less stressful . We are so often like that man . We think we can travel on life's journey without assistance , but the truth of the matter is , the Word of God is our roadmap and we need to be sure to read it every step of the way along our journey to avoid the misleading side roads of life . ~ Lisa

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ROMANS 14:19 Let us therefore follow after the things which make for peace, and things wherewith one may edify another.