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Meet Our Staff

Melissa McGaha
Infant's Sunday School Teacher & Church Secretary
(Melissa's husband Travis is the young adult's Sunday school assistant teacher)

Melissa's Bio / Testimony

HI  my name is Melissa McGaha I was born in Morristown Tenn to Dallas & Jeannie Greene October 20,1970. I grew up in Bulls Gap Tn I graduated from Cherokee high school in Rogersville Tn in 1988 I was brought up in church all my life as a child i attended Guthries Gap Premitive Baptist church in Bulls Gap Tn just an old fashion country church.

When I was 12 yrs old our youth group held Friday night  prayer meetings at differnt members house every week,the night I accepted Jesus as my savior we were having our prayer meeting at my grandmothers house. THREE PREACHERS were there singing ,preaching and rejoicing me and my father excepted Jesus that night together.

I met my husband Travis McGaha in 1988 he was in the army reserves and then was shipped off to Germany we wrote letters for a year . Then  in Oct 19th 1989 Travis came home on leave Oct 21 1989 and ask me to marry him we were married Nov 4th 1989.

God blessed us with our first child Logan Feb 28th 1991 and our daughter Britney Feb7th 1995. I've always tried to keep my family in church but have'nt always been faithful but I always new how to find my way back to him.

March of this year 2004  I decided I wanted learn to play the bass guitar my husband plays lead guitar and with his teaching and help from a video I'm playing. I never really knew why I wanted to play ,I played at my church NEW CENTER BAPTIST then one day bro Tim Parrott called and ask me to pray about playing for the FREE SPIRITS well here I am playing  and doing my best to please god.

        God bless you,

        Melissa McGaha    



PROVERBS 22:6 Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.